The Ultimate Web-Based
Lead Distribution

Capture leads, manage vendors, invoice clients, integrate with your favorite applications, and measure results from one easy-to-use solution.

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Instant Lead Capture

Instant Lead Capture

Track all lead sources from forms, providers & affiliates, and phone campaigns, and instantly route them to your customers or internal teams.

  • Inbound Leads from Third-Party Lead Providers & Affiliates
  • Pixel Tracking for Impressions and Clicks
  • Call Routing Phone Calls, Forms, Landing Pages, and Lead Sources
  • Integrated Form Providers make it easy to get leads from from companies like Unbounce, Formstack, and WuFu.
No Bad Leads

No Bad Leads

With turnkey lead hygiene, compliance, and lead scoring, you or your customers only accept the best leads.

  • USPS standardization, phone & email validation
  • TCPA validation with geo-location and stored certificate for compliance
  • Journaya integration for best-in-class lead verification
  • Lead Scoring with mobile phone and email check
Rock Solid Lead Distribution

Rock Solid Lead Distribution

A comprehensive set of delivery automation and delivery types send your leads where you need them to go.

  • Deliver leads and phone calls via percentage, price, round-robin, and order priority
  • Distribute leads to your clients via HTTP post, Get, Ping-Post, Email, or to a branded web-based lead management solution
  • Route leads based on order fulfillment, send invoices, and get paid instantly

Lightning-Fast Lead Routing

Get your leads to buyers or sales teams in seconds with LeadExec distribution.

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Simple Data Sync with Deep Integrations

Simple Data Sync with Deep Integrations

All of your favorite software solutions work together with a powerful suite of integrations.

  • Native integrations with payment solution providers like Stripe and
  • Landing page integrations with companies like Unbounce
  • Zapier integrations including QuickBooks, PowerBi, and Facebook Ads
Total Lead Generation Business in One Solution

Total Lead Generation Business
in One Application

LeadExec combines the power of lead routing with the tools you need to manage your vendors and clients - all you need to run a professional lead generation business in one web-based app.

Vendors track performance in real-time, while automated delivery and orders make payment capture easy.

  • Vendor portal for tracking returns, payouts, and submissions of lead data
  • Branded customer portal for clients to manage orders, invoices, payment, and returns with lead management
  •, Stripe, and Paypal ready
Powerful Reports

Powerful Reports

Create on-the-fly reports, schedule to share with your team, and give vendors and clients a clear picture of what matters most.

  • Create custom reports that show you lead profitability, deliverability, and vendor payouts
  • Schedule report delivery to multiple recipients
  • Track real-time performance of all your lead funnels in one place

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